Homosexuality is the sexual attraction to someone of the same gender. In instances of the gender binary, homosexuality is when one man is attracted to another man or one woman is attracted to another woman. There are two other well-known terms: gay (mlm – man loving man) and lesbian (wlw – woman loving woman).

Homosexuality also applies under the umbrella of the non-binary. One enby (non-binary person) being sexuality attracted to another enby can be considered homosexuality, or one demiboy (usually a person whose gender sits between masculine and non-binary) being sexually attracted to another demiboy. That being said, some masculine enbies consider themselves gay and some feminine enbies consider themselves lesbian.

It is also important to note that homosexuality refers to the sexual attraction to someone of the same gender and same gender alone. There are other terms for people who are attracted to more than one gender, such as bisexual or polysexual.

Often considered the gay flag.
Often considered the lesbian flag.